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2019-05-25 : Great Uncle George Cleanup

NSWCA’s first CanyonCare event involved dismantling and removing a long abandoned camp at the exit to Great Uncle George Canyon. Upon arrival we found clothes draped across branches, a huge range of aluminum and cast iron cooking pots, utensils, buckets, mattresses, a sleeping bag, a suitcase, backpack, even a punching bag. An elaborate framework of branches had been erected, held together with rope and twine across which a massive tarpaulin had been tied. In the makeshift larder under a nearby overhang were old unopened tins of food and rubbish. We bagged everything and carried it all out. We estimate about 100kg was removed. The cake and cup of tea supplied by NPWS back at the cars were gratefully consumed. Thank you to those who attended: Julie Burton, Tom Brennan, Caro Ryan, Mike Patterson, Krzysztof Koziarz, Arthur Henry (NPWS).