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Workshop Wednesdays

Videos by Craig (Flynny) Flynn

Every week, Craig Flynn and his team are releasing a series of technical and safety video’s for canyoners. These are currently available on Facebook, but will soon be made available on youtube. Feel free to provide feedback on current video’s or suggestions for new video’s.

Preventing Harness Hang Syndrome, AKA Suspension Trauma

Note: As of February 2020, The NSW Canyoning Association has changed its name to The Australian Canyoning Association.

Prussiks / Friction Knots

Ghosting Techniques 1. Fiddlesticks

What’s More Efficient? Throw and Go versus Contingency

Adding More Rope to a Lowering System

8 Block

Munter Mule Overhand (MMO)

Biner Blocks

Anchor Safety – Especially Post Fires

Harness Loop Cut Accident

Haul Systems

Ascending Ropes